Wondershare Recoverit, how to recover files that we thought were lost forever

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Wondershare Recoverit, how to recover files that we thought were lost forever

Broken hard drive? USB stick that no longer reads anything? Don't panic, here is the software that comes to our rescue

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, you face it like a disaster. Let's talk about the perdita or the file corruption present on ours hard disk, on USB sticks or on SD cards. The I recover the datahowever, contrary to what some might hastily think, very often it is possible.

The best way to avoid getting desperate when a data storage device fails would be to perform backup periodicals, or even better daily, of our work files and multimedia data (photos, videos, audio etc.) that we care most about.

Too bad, however, that many of us forget to do them, due to neglect and laziness. And when you least expect it, disaster strikes. Luckily there is no shortage of solutions.

Wondershare Recoverit, file recovery is possible

There are several software out there that allow you to recover files deleted by mistake or from damaged devices. We tried one, Recovery di Wondershare, which has proved to be really valid for its characteristics, ease of use and effectiveness.

A cosa serve Recoverit

In which cases can this software intervene? Wondershare Recovery can:

1) Recover any type of file. It doesn't matter whether they are images, videos, emails, documents of various types and extensions

2) Retrieve data under any circumstances, such as accidental deletion (even from the Recycle Bin), formatting the device, wiping a partition, and so on

3) Recover files from any storage device, be it mechanical hard disk, SSD, NVMe, USB stick, SD card, from a notebook, a drone, an action cam and so on

The main features of Wondershare Recoverit

The program can recover data from any operating system, che sia NTFS, FAT 16/32, ExFAT, HFS+, ReFS, Raid, RAW, JFS su Linux, ext2, ext3, ext4 sempre su Linux.

No problem even for the supported formats, are over 1000 and include all documents, multimedia files, archives etc.

Very useful is the possibility of recover data from a crashed pc. Like? Simply by creating a USB key or an external hard drive (or possibly a CD or DVD) from which to start the PC and perform the recovery procedure.

Those with storage devices crammed with video will appreciate the functions of recovering videos that are corrupted by defective SD cards, writing problems, or made unreadable for many other reasons.

The Recoverit interface

We've put Recovery to the test, seeing what he could do recover from a USB stick from 16 Gb. The results were very satisfying.

First, we have downloaded the program, selecting the version for Windows (the one for MacOS). After installation, this interface appears:

The graphics are very clear, showing i hard drives present in the system, from which to recover the files. Our USB stick was curiously placed in this category, although it should have ended in External Devices, which groups both pen drives and (for example) external portable 2,5 "or 3,5" hard disks (mechanical and SSD).

Below we find the Trash can, desktop or a folder specific. In Advanced Recovery, then, there are options Recover from a locked computer, Video repair (if corrupt video files are found, it will try to "mend" the fragments by creating a new file) e Advanced video recovery, which can be used if the previous tool did not work, if the video was, that is, seriously corrupted or if the standard scan did not give the desired results.

The test: recover deleted files from a pen drive

As you can see in the image above, we selected our USB key (the item bordered with a red ellipse) and clicked on Start. The program has started the scan, this is the screen in the middle of the procedure:

After about ten minutes (the capacity of the key was 16 Gb, the pc an Intel i7-8700K with 16 Gb of RAM), this was the result:

About 10 minutes for just 16 Gb may seem like a long time, but we assure you that the scan was very deep. And the outcome is very satisfying.

As you can see in the image, the program warns us restore files as soon as possible before they are overwritten. The reason lies in the fact that, when a file is deleted from a device, only the related entry from the TOC (Table Of Contents) is deleted, but not the various “pieces” that remain scattered as before the deletion. If we were to write files on the same device we would risk overwriting the "pieces" of the old file, compromising the possibility of recovering it.

For this it is indispensable, when retrieving files from a device, save them on another.

I file in Lost Position are the ones for which Recoverit could not figure out which folder they were placed in. An interesting aspect of the program is that by clicking on the individual files you can have one preview visual, accompanied by their size in Mb, the path to which they belong and the modification date. As in the following image:

If the files to be recovered were thousands, and we were only interested in those that meet certain criteria, we could resort to the use of filters. As in the image below:

How much?

Recovery it is offered with different formulas and individual licenses, for team & business, and eg students and teachers. Limiting ourselves to individual licenses, they are all based on subscriptions for a year, a month or a lifetime. The version Essential allows the recovery of files for one year, on 1 pc, at € 69,99 + VAT. With the Standard you also have the ability to recover data from crashed PCs, and the one-year license costs € 79,99 + VAT. There Advanced, on the other hand, it is a license for 2 PCs, costing € 89,99 per year, which, in addition to the previous ones, has the management of video recovery.

We suggest you visit the place to get a complete picture of all available licenses.


The road test has shown that Recovery deserves to be considered a top product in the field of data recovery software. He managed to bring back to life even files that we had forgotten existed! And the functions for recovering damaged videos give it an edge over the competition. Strongly recommended.

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