Wondershare Filmora9, a cheap yet powerful video editor

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Wondershare Filmora9, a cheap yet powerful video editor

Lots of quality features for those new to video editing

If you need to edit the holiday film, or prepare an elegant presentation film of your work project, or small promotional videos, the first thing you ask is if there is an alternative to the giants Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro (two of the names most famous in the video editing environment).

There are more than one alternatives, but the one we are considering today is particularly valid in several respects, especially for its ease of use and price. Let's talk about Wondershare Filmora9, a video editing program that is aimed at both beginners and casual users.

Anyone can learn how to use this software, regardless of their knowledge, and obtain exceptional results, even if all the features of more sophisticated (but also more complex and expensive) programs are not present.

Filmora has been around for several years already, and has received criticism in the past for having too limited functions. Today, with the version 9.5, it can be safely said that these limitations have now been overcome.

The Wondershare Filmora interface

The main window of the interface is the classic one that can be found in any other video editing program. In summary, in the upper left area you can upload and organize all the multimedia contents belonging to our project; at the top right we find a window with the preview of the video being created; while the whole lower part is occupied by the timeline.

Unlike previous versions, you can now create up to 100 video and 100 audio tracks. It is obvious that such a wide availability is more than enough for any project.  

One of the most used tools in a video editing program are the scissors to be able to cut the movie into parts. Not by chance, Wondershare puts this tool by default on the red slider of the timeline.

Trying to cut a few seconds and clicking with the right mouse button on the sequence to be processed, a large menu appears that suggests many other possible actions that go beyond the simple cut: ranging from rotation, to changing speed and duration, to color correction and much more.

Titles, transitions and effects, video to audio are also in sufficient quantity (over 300) to edit a nice movie. If you need more, you can download them at this address

The possibility of using the Chroma key, not only with green or blue, but with any color you configure, and the stabilization of moving shots (typical example, those made with an action camera carried around by hand or on a means of transport).

Export videos

Once finished, the project can be done export in different ways. To begin with, by choosing one of the many formats supported (MKV, MP4, MOV etc.). Or you can export to a device (and here we find several preconfigured settings for iPhone, iPad and smartphone in general). Alternatively, the video can be uploaded directly to platforms such as YouTube e Vimeo. Finally, you can burn to DVD by creating standard MPEG2 files.


By choosing any item from the menu Export a window appears from where you can choose different options. The demo version downloadable from the site can become usable with all the features, and by receiving free updates, creating a profile. This free option has a limitation: created videos will contain a non-removable watermark. By choosing paid plans (starting from € 39.99 per year) the videos will not contain the watermark and you will also be entitled to free technical support.

Alternatively, the program can be purchased by visiting this address.


If you are a beginner in video editing, or much more simply you want to edit a movie in no time with appreciable results, Wondershare Filmora9 is the ideal software.

The interface is very simple to use, the effects and transitions are so many, and the titler meets the needs of most users. Furthermore, the export times of the videos are completely in line with the competition.

It is very welcome that the software is continuously updated and subjected to continuous improvements. Professionals who require special features turn to other programs, which are much more expensive and have a much steeper learning curve.

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