Wondershare dr.fone, a complete suite for the smartphone on offer for Black Friday

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Wondershare dr.fone, a complete suite for the smartphone on offer for Black Friday

In one package there are many utilities for the management of the mobile

Around 6 billion people in the world have access to mobile phones, and 70% of mobile phones in circulation are one smartphone. We can therefore understand how much the need to have one is felt utility able to manage the “critical” aspects of an advanced mobile phone, such as data recovery and deletion, phone backup, operating system repair and more.

That utility, or rather, suite comprising more programs, it exists, it is called Dr.fone and is proposed, for platforms Android e iOS, from Wondershare, one of the most famous software houses on the international scene.

Today, on the occasion of Black Friday, the suite is offered at incredible prices, with discounts up to 85%! Dr.Fone Android Toolkit has a rock bottom price of 51,99€ (instead of € 259,96) in the Windows version, 38,99€ (instead of € 194,96) for the Mac version.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad instead, Dr.Fone iOS Toolkit the 64,99€ (instead of € 324,96) in the Windows version, 90,99€ (instead of € 454,96) in the Mac version. In case you need both the Android and iOS versions grouped in a single toolkit, the price is 90,99€ (instead of € 606,62) for the Windows version, and 97,49 €, instead of 649,95 €, in the Mac version.

But what are the individual utilities included in the package for? Let's go into the details.

The Dr.Fone interface

The main window of the interface contains all the tools offered by this suite, from data recovery to phone backup, from managing WhatsApp and other chats to deleting data. There is something for everyone.

Each pane recalls the single utility which, at the first start of the suite, is automatically downloaded from the Wondershare servers.

Utilities: Data Recovery

Do you need the phone number of a plumber you contacted a while ago but deleted? With Data Recovery you can have it back, and not only that: you can also restore old messages, photos, etc., even from broken or blocked devices. At least, the software tries: if an SD is completely damaged it cannot work miracles.

In the iOS version you can also recover data from iTunes and iCloud backup files.

Telephone Manager

It is what is commonly called the file manager. That is, it allows you to manage (read, copy, transfer, reproduce, delete etc.) all the files on your smartphone, copying them to your PC and vice versa.

If, on the other hand, you want to transfer all the data (of whatever type they are), use the utility Phone Transfer- Simply connect the devices to your computer via two USB ports and select the file types to move.

WhatsApp transfer

That is, the possibility of backing up messages and related attachments on your PC not only of WhatsApp, but also of Line (used mostly in Japan), Viber, Kik and Wechat, in the latter four cases only from iPhone. You can also transfer WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business messages from one device to another.

Backup Phone

You have little time, you don't want to be there to select the files to save, photos, backup files and so on? Or don't you have a clue how to back up your mobile? If so, rely on this utility. With just one click you can back up (and then restore all the data from your mobile to your computer.

Unlock Screen

From here you can bypass the lock screens of an Android or iOS-based smartphone, as well as remove the Apple ID and iCloud account. It is a very useful function if you have forgotten the unlock code and do not want to lose the data contained in the device.

System Repair

This utility allows you to solve various problems, among the most common that can occur on an Android or iOS device, such as the black screen, the smartphone that restarts continuously, or that does not start at all etc.

If we have an Android device, simply connect it to the PC, via USB cable, and then select Android Repair, after which click on Start. At this point you follow the instructions, typing the model of the phone (at the moment only Samsung are supported), and expect the utility to reinstall the latest version of the operating system. The procedure is usually successful.

Delete Data

What to do if, on the other hand, we want irreversibly delete all data on the device, so that no procedure (not even other programs) can recover them? Simple, you use this utility.

By connecting a smartphone Android it is possible to delete all the data in order to restore the device to its original factory state. If you have a iPhone or iPad, in addition to this type of total data cancellation, you can also choose only the cancellation of private data (contacts, call log, photos, videos, etc.)

Very convenient if you intend to resell (or give away) your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Virtual Location

The latest utility from Dr.fone (for now, as Wondershare continuously updates the suite) allows to fake the location of the cell phone. Practical uses? Don't let (anyone) know exactly where we are at any given moment, don't be spied on by anyone, essentially for protect your privacy.

But not only that: it is also useful for faking the GPS position in games such as Pokémon Go or other apps. In addition, the utility also allows you to simulate the distance of a route, selecting it on a map.

ITunes Repair (iOS Only)

No one is perfect, least of all iTunes. And so, from time to time mistakes can happen in front of which you are at least perplexed, without knowing what to do.

Errors during installation, error 14 while updating the iPhone or iPad, or connection and synchronization problems, or a lot of errors with enigmatic codes that only an expert would be able to interpret.

An expert, or ITunes repair. This tool is so effective that it can solve more than a hundred errors and problems regarding iTunes in a very short time.

Pros and cons of dr.fone

Like all software, too Dr.fone it has its strengths and something to touch up. Here are what they are:


  • It is a truly complete collection of utilities capable of satisfying the needs of any owner of Android and iOS smartphones
  • Super simple user interface
  • Contains software to disable the unlock screen
  • Great for transferring data from one mobile to another


  • Unlockable unlock screens are limited to Samsung phones and a few other models
  • The file recovery utility In some cases it fails to restore all files



An excellent and complete suite for the management and recovery of Android and iOS smartphone data that should never be missing in a software collection for your PC or Mac.

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