What to choose between eMMC and SSD for a budget laptop?

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What to choose between eMMC and SSD for a budget laptop?

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Are you thinking of buying an inexpensive notebook and you don't know what that means "eMMC storage"and, above all, whether it can compete with a SSD? Read here and you will get an idea.

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What is MMC storage?

Lo storage MultiMediaCard (MMC) is the precursor to what is commonly known as SD storage (Secure Digital). MMC still exists, but no doubt the version eMMC it is much more common.

eMMC stands for "embedded" MMC, which means that the memory is usually soldered directly to the motherboard of the device in question.

This type of storage is made of flash memory NAND, the same as found on SSDs and USB sticks, and does not require energy to store data.

How fast is it?

Same type of memory, but very different performance. At the moment, the transfer speed is up to 400MB / S. It wouldn't even be despicable, and would even rival an SSD.

Too bad you can't just rely on the theoretical transfer rate, often trumpeted with emphasis in advertising flyers. EMMC storage functions as a single lane road, compared to an SSD, comparable to a highway with many lanes.

Basically, the travel speed for the two memories is the same, but the SSD can run many more "machines" at the same time.

What eMMC denominations are available?

Typically, if you look through flyers looking for an inexpensive notebook or tablet, you may have noticed that most come with 32 or 64 Gb storage. These are the most common denominations, but there are also 128 and 256 Gb ones. It should be noted that eMMCs work best with small files, while if you work mainly with large files it would be better to use an SSD.

The latter are also available in the order of the Tera, but are much more expensive.

Ultimately, should eMMC storage be avoided or not?

The answer is: it depends on the budget you have available and how you will use the device on which it is installed. If you need an inexpensive notebook to go online and watch some streaming video, eMMC storage should be fine, no problem. If, on the other hand, you need to be able to count on good performance, both for gaming and for work, you should undoubtedly orient yourself on an SSD.

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