What's the difference between HD Ready and Full HD?

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What's the difference between HD Ready and Full HD?

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Any TV on the market today is capable of supportingHigh Definition. This expression is very generic, if you go around the shops you will in fact see two types of labels attached to the screens, in one it says HD Ready and in the other Full HD. What is the difference between HD Ready and Full HD?

In elementary terms, the TVs HD Ready can show images in the format 720p with 1280x720 pixels, while those in Full HD display images 1080p with 1920x1080 pixels.

Apart from the logo HD Ready / Full HD, it is essential to know what the actual difference in quality is. A television displays images as a series of horizontal and vertical lines - how many horizontal lines can it display at the same time? The answer is 720 o 1080 (excluding 4K and 8K TVs, where you have more lines, more pixels and better video quality).

Things get complicated when it comes to resolution 1080 for a 720p TV: in this case we are not talking about Full HD resolution (even if some crafty trader could pass it off as such). There p and i They are going to "progressive" is "interlaced", that is, the ways in which the TV shows each frame of the videos.

In progressive mode (or 1080p) the tv shows all 1080 horizontal lines at the same time. In interlaced (or 1080i) scanning, on the other hand, half of the lines of a frame are shown, followed by the other half of the lines of the next frame. The aim is to fool the eye into believing it is a single image. Ultimately: forget any wording that says "1080"or anything that has a"i"final, interlaced video is always of lower quality than progressive.

Nowadays, there is little point in worrying about a label "HD ready"present in most devices. The resolution 720p it has become the minimum standard for any TV, monitor or projector. So, if you are going to buy one of these devices, you will be able to see the video sources correctly a 1280x720 o 1366x768 pixels.

If instead you find the golden label on the TV Full HD you can rest assured that it natively (and correctly) supports the 1080p (that, to be clear, of Blu-ray, with resolution 1920x1080 pixels) and reproduces it correctly without having to resize the image (and lose quality), as happens in TVs with a "label"HD ready", which we do not recommend buying unless you have a very small budget available.

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