InformaticsKings Mobile, here are the Smart 4G offers

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InformaticsKings Mobile, here are the Smart 4G offers

Convenience and speeds up to 150 Mbps

In a very fierce market such as that of mobile telephony, InformaticsKings renews its offer and is characterized by convenience, speed, transparency e freedom.

Convenience, because we start from Smart 4G, an irresistible offer: just € 2,99 per month for those with minimal navigation and conversation needs. The rate includes, in fact, 1 Gigabyte of data traffic in 4G and 60 minutes of voice traffic, in addition to 10 SMS.

Another extremely competitive offer is the Smart 10 4G, which for only € 4,99 per month include 10 Giga of 4G traffic, 200 minutes of voice traffic and 10 SMS. 

Those who plan to watch some streaming movies and download a lot of data, on the other hand, can subscribe Smart 30 4G. The offer includes 30 Gigabytes of data traffic in 4G and unlimited minutes of voice traffic, while the SMS included are 100. The fee is € 8,99 per month.

On the other hand, those who plan to use internet traffic to download many giga every month, the ideal offer is Smart 60 4G, which provides well 60 Gigabytes of data traffic in 4G and 1000 minutes of voice traffic, with 100 SMS included. The fee is € 14,99 per month.

All offers includefree activation for new customers, and a cost of 11 € for existing customers.

InformaticsKings Mobile switches to 4G and flies up to 150 Mbit, here are all the offers!

We were talking about the speed. In fact, all the new offers exploit the potential of technology 4G. This means that, under ideal conditions, they can be achieved 150 megabits.

And the transparency? The InformaticsKings Mobile offers they are as you see, no hidden costs, no subterfuges, everything you need to know is summarized in the tables below.

As for the concept of freedom, those who subscribe to a InformaticsKings Mobile offer are not subject to any contractual duration constraints, and do not have to pay any penalty if they change operator.

For the business customers plan is available Smart 30 Business 4Gwhich provides 30 Gb of 4G traffic and unlimited minutes of voice traffic, plus 300 SMS. The fee is € 10,99 per month and activation is free for new customers (€ 15 for existing customers).

On all offers the "premium subscriptions" feature is disabled by default . This means that a InformaticsKings Mobile customer will never have the unwelcome surprise of being subscribed, against his will, to services such as ringtones, games, recipes, meetings and so on. This ensures greater safety in the use of your mobile device. 

InformaticsKings Mobile it is available in 7465 national municipalities, which represent 98,2% of the national coverage, the largest in Italy.

Offers Smart 4G they can be purchased in InformaticsKings stores, online on the website and by calling n. 130.

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