InformaticsKings Fibra tells you 5 things you don't know about Bologna

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InformaticsKings Fibra tells you 5 things you don't know about Bologna

The city of the two towers sails ultra-fast and reveals its secrets to us

Thanks to the agreements with TIM, Fastweb and Open Fiber, InformaticsKings UltraFibra Internet, the fiber connection up to 1000 Mbps, is now present in more and more common in Italy. Among the capitals covered by our offer in FTTH technology, there is also Bologna. But are you really sure you know the capital of Emilia-Romagna in depth? Today we reveal to you 5 things you probably don't know about Bologna!

Bologna is bankruptcy
In the center of the city, in Piazza Maggiore, it is located Re Enzo Palace, seat of the ancient market. Here, traders and money lenders displayed their 'wares' on wooden stalls, hence the term bankers.


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In addition, when they failed because they could not pay their debts, their bank literally came destroyed hammered: the term 'bankruptcy' was born from this Bolognese (but also Florentine) custom.

The oldest university in the world
Among the various nicknames of Bologna there is also 'the learned'. The nickname derives from the fact that in the capital there is what is officially considered the oldest university in the world, the Study, later Alma Mater. The university was founded by the jurist Irnerio in 1088, 8 years before the university of Oxford and, and had illustrious visitors: Copernicus, Thomas Becket, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Dante and Petrarch. Older than the Alma Mater there is only the University of Parma, founded in 962, but which was suppressed in 1387 to be refounded only in 1412.

The arcades open and ... closed!
Architectural symbol of the city, the famous arcades of Bologna they owe their origin to the large influx of students and scholars attracted by the university. To accommodate this large number of people, many owners extended the upper floors of the buildings 'horizontally', supporting them from below with wooden or masonry columns. In addition, the arcades guaranteed a separate access road to the building from the municipal road, often invaded by dirt. Curiously, but not too much, as they had been created, sometimes the arcades were also 'closed', as for example in the post-war period, to house the many displaced of the city.

The Lamentation over the Dead Christ
Inside the Church of Santa Maria della Vita there is a magnificent work - dated 1435 - by the master Nicolò dell'Arca, which portrays the Lamentation over the dead Christ, that is to say Jesus after the deposition from the cross, surrounded by characters who mourn his death. Its peculiarity? It is a group of terracotta statues life-size, 'dressed' in 400th century clothes and wrapped in excruciating and screaming pain, very far from the painful behavior of similar works.

The Moline canal and little Venice
In Via Piella, 750 meters from Piazza dei Martiri, you can come across a tiny glimpse of ...Venezia! It is in fact the Moline canal, one of the few streams of water in the city not buried and visible from a special window in the middle of the street. Needless to say, the window in question is a favorite destination for couples in love.


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