The best virtual reality games for mobile

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The best virtual reality games for mobile

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That of the virtual reality is a hot topic in the entertainment world. The most popular applications of virtual reality are reflected in video games, where viewers such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, with which you can access many games and applications.

Unfortunately, these gaming devices are quite expensive. Even when they're at an affordable price, headsets like the PlayStation VR they cost no less than 240 euros. For those who still want to get a taste of virtual reality games, there is a fantastic (and cheap) option: that of mobile VR games.

Thanks to Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, Daydream and even standalone headsets, playing in VR on a tight budget is entirely doable.

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Here are some of the best virtual reality games available for smartphones:

1) Adventure Time: I See Ooo VR (Cardboard)   

Adventure Time is a Cartoon Network series that has become a cult. Given the immense popularity of the show, it was thought well to create a video game in virtual reality. The graphics are very nice and faithfully reflect that of the original TV series.

2) Hidden Temple VR Adventure (Cardboard, Gear VR)  

Warning: although Hidden Temple Adventure includes the expression "Hidden Temple", it does not refer to the classic game show Legends of The Hidden Temple that some are hoping will be added to the Netflix catalog. Nonetheless, the game offers a point-and-click experience, but in virtual reality. Its addictive gameplay and eye-catching graphics make it one of the best.

3) VR Noir (Cardboard, Gear VR)   

Although virtual reality is very stimulating from a visual point of view, a game is not complete if there is not a good story behind it. VR Noir is one of the best virtual reality video games for mobile, which transcends a pure and simple gaming experience and offers a cinematic experience. The voice acting is at a sublime level, and the story is compelling.

4) Vanguard V (Cardboard, Gear VR)   

If you're looking for a great VR shooter, check out Vanguard V. It's a rail shooter that employs a third person perspective. This title is very fast, but leaves little to the imagination. And since many mobile games aren't hard to beat, it's hardly surprising.

5) Proton Pulse (Cardboard, Gear VR)   

This game, from the same company that produced Vanguard V, takes the classic Breakout to a new level. This brick-breaking arcade game is much more intense than what was once played on BlackBerry. There's even a little backstory in Proton Pulse. Its intuitive controls, mesmerizing colors and deafening audio make this game an absolute must to download.

6) Sisters (Cardboard, Gear VR)  

Sister is a horror game that, despite the genre, is a lot of fun. It's a bit like playing Resident Evil, but without the fixed camera angles. In the game, in fact, you enjoy a first-person perspective.

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