The 6 best Android apps for taking notes

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The 6 best Android apps for taking notes

Feature-rich or stripped down, there is something for everyone

How many of you still take notes on an awkward notepad or on slips of paper? Nowadays it no longer makes any sense. The reason? The smartphone, a gadget that we carry with us all day, that we consult several times a day, can help us thanks to some Whatsapp which most of the time they are free.

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Here are the best ones:

1) Google - Note di Keep      

Note di Keep, an app made by Google, is great for taking quick notes and reminders. At first, the interface may seem a bit odd and deviate from others of similar apps, but in no time you will be able to use it productively.

Notes and memos can be dragged up and down and given different colors depending on their importance. You can add photos and even voice notes, which will remain in the interface both in the form of text and as an audio file.

The app is extremely useful for anyone who uses gmail and the other apps of the Google ecosystem: by checking the mail on the desktop version, for example, the Keep interface will appear on the right side of the screen with the various notes and reminders.

2) Microsoft OneNote    

Since Microsoft made this app completely free in 2015, its popularity has exploded. And today it is recognized as one of the most useful, powerful and feature-rich apps around for Android devices.

Among the special functions we mention clips from the Web, inserting multimedia files, searching for notes, drawing with the finger and more. It is very easy to use, and the look is clean and modern.

Ultimately, a great app for taking complex notes, rich in graphs and data. It is a little less suitable for quick notes and reminders, but it is very good for programmers and is a great choice for those who use regularly Microsoft Office.

3) Dropbox Paper    

This is an app that saves all your notes in your Dropbox account (yes, you need to have one). Cloud storage means your notes are accessible from any device, anywhere, as long as you have internet access. If you temporarily don't have them, you can always edit while offline and the changes will be synced when you come back online.

Other features: clipboard sharing and online collaboration, due dates, annotations and comments, and integration with other productivity tools such as calendars and Google Docs.

4) TickTick  

From a technical standpoint, it's a to-do list app, but it offers some features that allow you to use it for note-taking as well, if desired.

Each entry in this type of list has a "Description" field which can be used to save notes relating to that entry. Combining it with folders, tags, sorts and searches, TickTick can be a really powerful app for taking notes and managing them.

5) Evernote    

Evernote was very popular in the past, before Microsoft's Onenote exploded in popularity, mostly because it was the first comprehensive note-taking app to land on mobile devices.

Today, unfortunately, he is no longer on the throne. Mind you, it is still very valid today because it has functions such as scanning text in photos, synchronization between one device and another and a powerful search engine.

Being paid (for full functions) it has lost a lot of its appeal. Evernote Premium it costs $ 7.99 per month to have a monthly upload limit of 60 Mb, a maximum clipboard size of 25 Mb, restrictions on the number of devices on which it can be installed, no collaboration functions and other limitations that are too penalizing in our opinion.

6) FiiNote

It is a note-taking app (and not only) similar to Microsoft OneNote and Evernote, but practically unknown. It supports both typed and handwritten notes, as well as a number of advanced features.

That is: calendar, audio recordings, multimedia attachments, clipboard templates, revision history ... it's all there. The interface is a bit mundane, but it is extremely functional and very easy to use, even on a mobile with a small screen.

Ideal for those looking for a very simple and essential app, without an excessive number of functions.

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