The 5 best voice dictation apps for Android

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The 5 best voice dictation apps for Android

Is writing notes too tiring? Use voice dictation

You need to dictate vocal notes when you are in the car or on other means of transport and share them with friends and colleagues, or record a message for distant family members? On the Google Store you can find apps that meet these needs. 

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In this article you will find some of the most famous ones. Here they are:

1) Speechnotes

It is one of the most used apps. Very interesting is the possibility of having a keypad with punctuation. Some find it a bit complicated to dictate punctuation marks, so you can select them directly on the screen, gaining speed and naturalness in dictation.The keyboard also includes a row of keys that can be customized with the most used special characters. Other features include Bluetooth support, a widget on the Home screen for instant dictation and the ability to dictate offline. The app, unlike many others, then allows you to dictate "continuously": this means that you can also take breaks very long between sentences while organizing your thoughts. The app will sit there waiting for you to start talking again.

2) Voice Notes - Note vocali

If Speechnotes is more oriented to long dictations, Voice Notes has a diametrically opposite approach: it is specialized in receiving more than anything else impromptu quick notes.The app offers two ways to record the notes, you can use the voice dictation function to see on the screen a transcribed version of the notes, or save the audio file and listen to it later. In addition, Voice Notes has a reminder function, even recurring ones. Finally, it has powerful organizational tools that include customizable categories, colorful tags and the ability to import and export notes.

3) SpeechTexter

It is an app that works both online and offline and uses the Google backend. Therefore, if you intend to use offline mode you will need to download the necessary language packs. In addition to voice dictation, SpeechTexter You can also use it to create text messages, emails and tweets, and the app boasts a custom dictionary that makes it easy to enter personal information such as phone numbers and addresses.

4) Voice Text

The main purpose of this app is to send and receive text messages via voice.The app is very easy to use, you just need to start talking. Voice Text can also read any received message aloud. It is a convenient alternative to several text-to-speech apps, but unfortunately it requires an active internet connection in order to function to its full potential.

5) Google Assistant

Google Assistant deserves a mention: Like Voice Text, it's not a simple productivity app like the first three we mentioned, but it addresses the needs of a different niche. The virtual assistant has many useful functions, such as reminders based on the location, the ability to control your smart home devices and a podcast player. In this case, however, we are only interested in the dictation functions. Google Assistant can be used to create voice memos, create lists with your voice and even manage your diary.

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