The 5 best apps for taking 360-degree photos

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The 5 best apps for taking 360-degree photos

Plus one to edit videos

Even if the "millennials" will find it hard to believe it, until a few years ago we had to wait a few days (only recently we had dropped to an hour of waiting) to see how the holiday photos had turned out. Today you can take thousands of photos without worrying about the space occupied.

Even normal digital photos, however, can be tiring. For this reason, many are looking for new alternatives and experiments such as panoramic photos. In particular, 360 degree photos. Here are the best apps for Android and iPhone to create amazing panoramas that can be explored in every direction.

1) Google Street View - Android / iPhone   

This app, as you can easily imagine, allows you to explore any (or almost) corner of the planet, to discover the wonders of nature, and even to virtually enter and visit places such as museums, shops, restaurants etc.

What some may not know is that the app was also developed to be able to create 360-degree photos of the environment in which you are with the smartphone camera. Once captured, the images can be shared on Street View so that the entire world community can enjoy them.

The use is very easy, in full Google style, you have to frame a dot and take a series of photos that will then be pasted (with discrete results) by the software.

To share your 360 ° photos you need a fast and reliable connection, like that of InformaticsKings UltraInternet Fibra! Check here if your area is covered and browse unlimited at 1 Gigabit with real optical fiber

2) Panorama 360 - Android / iPhone   

It is one of the most popular apps (over 12 million downloads) that allows you to photograph 360-degree panoramas for free. The app, one of the first to come out on the 360-degree photo market, is one of the best and allows you to capture panoramas in seconds with a simple touch. Just tap on the capture button and move the phone from left to right, slowly and steadily.

After capture, photos can be shared on Facebook and Twitter and displayed as flat or 3D images.

3) Photaf Panorama - Android

With this app it is practically impossible to take bad photos because it contains an orientation sensor that helps you to shoot at the correct angle and indicates when you move the camera too far. 

To see the whole panorama you can use the compass or the smartphone touch screen. It also offers the possibility of automatic shooting when creating panoramic images. Other features include geotagging, shutter sounds, autofocus and image size.

4) DMD Panorama Pro - Android / iPhone  

One of the most intuitive apps, really easy to use, 360-degree photos can be seen from inside by making a couple of taps on them.

It is linked to a site where you can share your masterpieces and observe the works of other users.

The authors also devised the VR Kit, a hardware solution sold at to facilitate the acquisition of panoramic photos.

5) Fyuse  - Android / iPhone    

Another app that allows you to capture 3D images. These images, christened "fyuses" by the authors, are viewed by tilting the mobile phone or by swiping the screen. The app acquires "spatial" moments that allow you to see your position from different perspectives and angles.

The effect is to have extra eyes to the side, back, above and below the head: and you see details that would not have been noticed due to one's limited point of view.

The app is also interesting because it acts as a dynamic social platform that allows you to share images on this and other platforms.

6) Collect - 360° Video OverCapture & Editor  

Need an app to edit your newly created 360-degree videos?  Collect it's perfect for trimming and rearranging clips, adding a soundtrack, customizable filters, watermarks, and more. It only works with video and has very simple controls - so simple that you may find yourself spending a lot more time than you planned to analyze the footage from any angle possible.

The manufacturer claims that the app works with any camera that takes 360 degree photos.

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