The 5 best apps for observing the stars in the sky

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The 5 best apps for observing the stars in the sky

Scan the sky and discover planets and constellations, all within reach of your smartphone

Observe the night sky, looking for stars and planets, is an immortal pastime. Today, this activity, for simple enthusiasts as well as for Astronomers non-professionals, it is made even easier and more intuitive thanks to smartphones. Let's find out together the 5 best apps to discover the stars!

Google Sky Map
A historic Google app, it uses the phone's oscilloscope, GPS, compass and accelerometer to outline the observer's position and identify stars, planets and nebulae based on where the display is oriented.

Star Walk 2
Great stargazing app with a very sharp user interface. It allows you to "travel in time" to see the skies of the past and the future and also has the augmented reality functionality. The app is paid, but there is a version participation with advertising. Also available for iPhone. Do not miss the version too Kids.

Excellent app that offers, even in the free version, numerous features, including the identification of satellites and orbiting space stations. It also allows you to customize the size of the stars and planets in the sky for visually impaired users. Also available for iPhone.

While it's not exactly a planetarium or an app for viewing augmented reality images, SkyWiki has one of the best user interfaces. The Periscope page provides detailed information on Solar System objects and all relevant astronomical events. The Images section is enriched with extraordinary astronomical photos.

Starlight – Explore the Stars
Probably the most essential app of all: few options and no additional information about the framed object, the app is simply the night sky with the most important constellations, stars and planets. Ideal for those not looking for additional frills. Also available for iPhone.

For your smartphone choose InformaticsKings Mobile, choose Open Star 30GB and surf without worries!


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