The 10 best online translators

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The 10 best online translators

Are you missing a term? Translate it on these sites

Do you remember when there were only the dictionaries paper and to know what a word meant in a certain language you had to leaf through a large and cumbersome book? It has been a long time since those dictionaries have been (almost) supplanted by free sites and apps on the internet.

These services are also capable of translating (with very fluctuating precision ...) entire sentences. Here are the ten best known online translators:

1) Google Translate

It is probably the most popular, if only because it appears in a box, when we search for a word, at the top of the first page of Google results. Really handy even for entire pages of text or entire sites. And if you think the translation is incorrect, you can report it. At the moment the supported languages ​​are over a hundred.


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2) Bing Translator

The service, offered by Microsoft, is able to identify the language as you type the text to be translated. And if you have a microphone at your disposal, you can even speak the text to be translated. Available languages: over 60.

3) SDL Free Translation 

There are "only" 45 languages ​​available here. Translations can be easily heard, copied, shared and printed. The translation of entire documents is subject to a fee, it is sufficient to upload the text and the system immediately makes an estimate of the costs.  


This service is powered by Microsoft Translator, but offers more than 100 languages. The text to be translated can be dictated or typed, while the translation can be read or heard. And if you think the translation needs to be revised you can have a human translation with the first 100 words for free.

5) DeepL Translator 

The languages ​​offered here are only seven, but the service is truly excellent and the sentences are completed automatically. Also, you can also take a look at the definition that appears at the bottom of the page at the same time.

6) Babylon Online Translator  

Babylon is not only a great translation program, but it is also an online service that supports around thirty languages, and is quite accurate.

7) PROMT Online Translator 

The list of languages ​​supported by this service stops at 16. Interesting is the possibility of attributing to the sentence to be translated a theme (Computer, Kitchen, etc.) in which to frame it.

8) Collins Dictionary Translator 

Collins has been producing a great paper dictionary for decades, the online version also offers a translator that supports over 30 languages. The translations are made by Microsoft and can be copied using a special button.

9) ImTranslator 

This site is very interesting, it differs from the others for the possibility of comparing the translations between the translators of PROMT, Google and Microsoft. The possibility to retranslate the text in the original language proposed (Back Translation) to verify its accuracy is useful.


15 languages ​​supported and a dictionary just a click away. For other functions (such as web page translation), however, you have to register.

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