MobileTrans, how to transfer WhatsApp data to a new smartphone (and more)

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MobileTrans, how to transfer WhatsApp data to a new smartphone (and more)

The indispensable Wondershare software on special offer for the Black Friday period

You need to transfer WhatsApp data and chats from one mobile to another? You can do it thanks to MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer, the utility at Wondershare, one of the best known software houses in the world. This software is on offer throughout the Black Friday period, for only 19,49€ instead of € 29,99 (a saving of 35%!) for the one-year license.

What is Wondershare MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer

In some cases, the transfer of WhatsApp data and chats from one smartphone to another is problematic, as in the case of switching from an old Samsung mobile to a new generation one (a Samsung Note S20, for example). The solution is to use Wondershare MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer by connecting both devices to the PC: the procedure will be fast and very simple.

The program also works to transfer, backup and restore all Viber, WeChat, LINE and KIk related data.

Wondershare MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer you can also use it to transfer Whatsapp data and chats from iPhone to Huawei smartphone. As an alternative (but inconvenient) solution you can use the WhatsApp Email Chat option or use Huawei's Phone Clone app.

In the same way, Wondershare MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer It can also be used to transfer everything related to WhatsApp from an iPhone to an Android smartphone, an operation that is usually not easy, but with this program you can do it with just one click.

I have a new smartphone, how do I transfer the data from the old one?

Have you just bought a brand new mobile phone, and need to transfer all your data, personal and otherwise, from the old one? MobileTrans - Phone Transfer di Wondershare and the software ideal for doing so.

The operation to do is simple, and is designed especially for those who are not technicians! Connect both mobile phones to the PC, select the types of files to copy, and in a few minutes (depending on the content present) the files will be copied to the new device.

Also MobileTrans - Phone Transfer is on offer for the entire period of Black Friday, for only 19,49€ instead of € 29,99 (again 35% discount!) for the one-year license.

I want to copy the data from my mobile phone to a PC or Mac, what can I do?

Simple: use MobileTrans - Backup (function contained in MobileTrans - Phone Transfer) and you will avoid a disastrous data loss that can occur at any time, whether due to physical memory problems, cell phone theft or damage.

Similarly you can use MobileTrans - Restore (also contained in MobileTrans - Phone Transfer) to bring back the data you just copied. And of course, you can also restore the contents of an old phone to a new one. And the supported devices are even over 6000!

Ok, I want to have software that includes all these features. It's available?

Of course, it exists and is called MobileTrans (4 Tools included) and is offered for the period of Black Friday at the incredible price of 25,99€ for one year (instead of € 39,99) or 32,49€ (instead of € 49,99) for a lifetime license.

The suite includes all four of the features mentioned above: Phone Transfer, WhatsApp Transfer, Backup and Restore.

What are you waiting for? The offer lasts only a few days!

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