How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

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How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

The step is simple and there are various ways to do it

You ditched Google to go to Apple, but you don't know how move contacts from an Android smartphone to an iPhone?

The operation is not difficult, here are the alternatives to do it:

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Switch to iOS? Beware of the data!

Transferring data from one mobile to another is much easier than it was a while ago. Often, the biggest risk comes from duplication of the data, and not from theirs perdita. This is valid when copying data between two mobiles of the same platform (from Android to Android, for example), as well as on different platforms.

All types of data can be transferred from Android to iPhone, including contacts, photos and apps. In addition to various other types of data, which can be videos, documents, email accounts. However, you need to pay attention to one thing before transferring data from Android to iPhone.

Check that there is enough space on your new iPhone for the data you want to migrate (including those on any external MicroSD cards). On these phones, in fact, the storage is not expandable and varies according to the devices, for this reason it is a bit limited in operating.

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS

If you are changing cell phones, the first thing you think about is transfer the phone book. Until recently, this meant copying the contacts to the SIM and transferring it to the new mobile. Now instead? How do I transfer the phonebook from an Android to an iPhone?

One method is to use the app Move to iOS provided by the same Apple su Google Play. Unfortunately it does not work with mobile phones with Android 4.4 and earlier versions. For these, it is better to use the other solutions that we propose later.

After installing the app, make sure that both the Android device and the iPhone are connected charging and have wi-fi enabled. Then, do this:

1) Start the new iPhone to perform the procedure

2) Select Apps & Data > Move Data from Android

3) A code will appear, type it in the app Move to iOS on Android

4) Select what you want to copy to the iPhone

5) Tap Next

6) After copying to iOS, tap Done on Android

7) On the iPhone, tap Continue and finish the procedure

With this app you can copy different types of data. Apple says that in addition to contacts, the app Move to iOS can also transfer

  • The history of messages
  • The bookmarks (favorites)
  • Mail accounts
  • The calendars

The app also transfers photos, taken with the camera of the Android device, to the iPhone. Additionally, free apps available on both platforms will be carried over during the process. For apps without a precise match Move to iOS will indicate other possible substitutes.

Move to iOS cannot automatically move all data at all. Music files, books, PDFs and other types of files need to be transferred by hand.

How to move contacts using a SIM

Nowadays it is no longer a very common thing to put contacts on the SIM. Partly because if you have an address book made up of hundreds of contacts, it might not fit all on a single SIM, and partly because you could have problems if your new mobile phone uses a SIM of a different size from the old one.

However, if you only want to move some key contacts, this method might work for you. If you are not afraid of making a mess you can resize a SIM to fit another cell phone.

On Android, aprite Contact Us, then Settings. From here select Export> Export to SIM card (items may vary from mobile to mobile). Touch OK and select the contacts you want to copy to the SIM.

The next step is to turn off the phone, take out the SIM and insert it into the iPhone. Go up Settings> Contacts> Import SIM contacts, select an account to import them into (iCloud o gmail) and wait for the import to finish.

Transfer contacts to iPhone by sharing a VCF file

If the above methods don't work, you can easily move contacts by exporting a VCF file.

Go back to the Android smartphone and use the function Export present in Contact Us. This time by selecting the item on SD card or internal storage (.vcf file) (or similar rumors).  VCF is the vCard format that can be sent to the iOS device as an email attachment, via the cloud or similar tools.

How to transfer other data from Android to iPhone

If you are switching from Android to iPhone and need to transfer other data besides the address book, there are a few possible options for doing so.

That manual provides the data copying via USB cable to a PC, and then from the PC to the iPhone.

Or you could synchronize data with the cloud. If switching from Android to iPhone could lead you to use iCloud as a basic solution, perhaps you'd rather use Google Drive. Both are available on the iPhone. Anyway, iCloud can also be accessed from an Android device. You can also use Dropbox, for example.  

The purpose is to synchronize data from Android to the cloud, finally to the iOS device.

Although synchronization takes a long time, it does not require any cables and is therefore more convenient.

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