How to take a good selfie, five mistakes and five tips

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How to take a good selfie, five mistakes and five tips

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In good weather the chances of going out into the fresh air, traveling, taking pictures and, of course, also increase Selfie.

You take your cell phone, outstretched arm or selfie stick in your hand, snap and go. But are you sure you know how to take the ideal selfie? We begin to disassemble five bad habits to avoid to take a good selfie:

1) Bad lighting

Dark selfies, taken in a low light environment ... they suck, right? Discos, nocturnal settings, the weather that doesn't help ... in short, anything whose effect is to generate grainy and dark photos should be avoided.

Sure, you could use a flash - better not. Or you might get better results with some cameras found in high-end smartphones. However, as a general rule, take selfies in well-lit environments.

2) Put in as many people as possible

You know those photos full of famous people? Here, they are the exact opposite of how a selfie should be. If you want, go ahead and take them, but don't expect them to be appreciated as a self-timer in which you are the only subject.

3) Go overboard with the goal

Getting too close to the goal is also not too smart a move to make. As well as filling the frame with your cheeks, nose and eyes: it won't lead to more likes.

4) Show the world your nose

Whether you are taking a selfie or filming a vlog on YouTube, the situation does not change: avoid showing the cavities of your nose!

5) Selfie with outstretched arm and duck lips

Are you still standing there in your bedroom or in the nightclub toilet with your cell phone in your hand and your arm outstretched, with the lips of a duck? Enough, they have now gone out of fashion! Be yourself, express your individuality!

And now, let's see five simple tips for taking amazing selfies:

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1) Show your hair

You have nice hair, why not show it? Keep in mind that hair covered with gel or lacquer is not as beautiful as natural and long hair. In this regard, long hair is the ideal way to frame your face.

2) Use filters

Today it would probably be a surprise to find a photo on a social network that was not "retouched" with a filter. Filters contribute to the popularity of selfies, especially (for example) those that reduce contrast and those that add a slight fade.

3) Blurred and overexposed images

Slightly blurred or intentionally overexposed images are usually very popular, in contrast to poorly lit selfies.

Both effects can be obtained through the use of filters, but also thanks to the use of specific apps such as Camera MX, Retrica, Camera Zoom FX and others.

4) Don't worry if your head doesn't fit

While the face should be visible in the photo, the other parts of the head are not essential. Losing a little chin, forehead or even a side of the head in the frame does not cause any problems.

5) Use a timer

It's a very important aspect when it comes to selfies, and many tend to overlook it. While some think that a timer is more useful when using it for group shots than for solo shots, let's say it is useful in both cases.

Most smartphone camera apps have a timer function, so use it, especially if you have a selfie stick.

Ready to take the perfect selfie?

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