How to send large files for free

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How to send large files for free

The 6 best cloud storage services available on the market today

It is undeniable, we live in a world where communication and data sharing, in any form, have assumed a fundamental importance.

Whether you have to send photos to your fiancée or exchange materials for scientific research, it is essential to have 1) a fast connection and reliable and 2) a secure and fast file sharing service.

File sharing services (also called "cloud storage") are many and generally offer a free plan for occasional users, and paid plans for those with greater needs.  

We have chosen 6 of the best known services, so that you can get an idea:

Attach Maxi by InformaticsKings
From all InformaticsKings mailboxes, files with a maximum size of 2 Gb can be sent together with messages in the form of attachments.  

Google Drive
It is ideal for anyone with a Gmail email account. Very easy to use, the files are attached to the emails by clicking on the logo in the email composition window. 15 Gb of free space and the possibility of data backup and synchronization. The paid version starts at 100GB for $ 2 per month.

The service offers only 2 Gb for free and resembles Google Drive, but the app for devices such as the Kindle Fire and Blackberry is also available here. You can set passwords and create links on expiration. With $ 10 per month you buy a Plus account which entitles you to 1 Tb of space.

WeTransfer also allows you to send files up to 2 Gb in size, even without registering. By paying $ 12 per month you are entitled to the Plus package which allows you to send 20 GB at a time and save up to 100 GB on their servers. In addition to password protecting files on shared folders.  


Owned by the controversial Kim Dotcom, this service allows you to share 20 Gb of files in the free version and even 16 Tera in the Pro III version.

OneDrive / Microsoft 365

It is the cloud storage service managed by Microsoft that allows you to transfer up to 5 Gb in the free version, while in the paid version (Microsoft 365 Family, 99 € / year) there are 6 Tb in total, Onedrive, Skype and the Office apps included in the package. Note that all packages provide for data synchronization on PC and Mac, while options such as expiration links and offline folders are only available for a fee.



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