How to quickly transfer files between two Android devices

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How to quickly transfer files between two Android devices

Two comfortable and easy to use alternatives

When transferring large files from a device Android to another the most used alternatives are the Bluetooth and services cloud. However, even the 4.0 version of Bluetooth (the penultimate) offers a maximum data transfer rate of 25 Mbit / s, which is inadequate for transferring files that are several Giga large. The speed of the cloud, on the other hand, depends on both the speed of the line and (possibly) the Wi-Fi.

So, to quickly transfer files from one Android device to another the alternative solutions are represented by creating an hotspot personal or by using a OTG USB cable.

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First solution: create a server for a personal hotspot

The easiest way to transfer a file is to create a personal hotspot via an app called ES File Manager, to download on both devices. After installation, go up Android Settings>More Options su Wireless & Networks, touch Tethering & Portable Hotspot, then on Wi-Fi Hotspot to activate it.

Once activated it will start transmitting Wi-Fi signals; now, from the other Android device, connect the same Wi-Fi network that the first Android device is hosting. Open up ES File Manager and locate the files to transfer. Long press on the files to be selected until you see the check marks. Select the More option from the lower right corner of the screen and tap the option Send, which will automatically scan for devices connected to your personal hotspot: select the connected device. On the other device you will see a dialog box, tap Accept and the transfer will begin.

Second solution: use a USB OTG cable

Android versions 4.4 onwards can transfer files via a OTG cable (available for a few euros from any retailer) from one device to another, where one of the two acts as a host server.

Before starting, make sure you have the USB OTG cable and a USB data cable. Connect the OTG cable to the device that will host, in other words, the one that will receive the files. Connect the USB data cable (which you have already plugged into the connector of the other device) to the female connector of the OTG cable.

At this point you will see the option for USB connectivity appear on the screen of the second device. Touch the item "Enable USB storage"(or similar) to connect the two devices. Once the USB storage is connected to the host device open the File Manager app, select the external USB storage connected to the Android host device. Open the USB storage and select the files to copy or move to the Android host device.

It is one of the fastest ways to transfer files: the speed depends on the hardware specifications of the devices, but it is still higher than the other more commonly used methods.

One observation: while both devices are connected to each other with the OTG cable and the data cable, the device with the inserted data cable will start charging its battery by receiving power from the host with the OTG cable. This is completely normal and does not damage either battery.

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