How to find parking with your smartphone

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How to find parking with your smartphone

Here are the best apps for not going crazy in traffic

It also happens in times of coronavirus: in the morning you wake up, shower and quick breakfast, splash out in a flash to your car, you're already late for work, arrive and have to put up with endless laps around the block to find a hole in which to put the subcompact at best.

Provided, of course, you didn't find the battery flat or the oil level at a minimum ... all accessories that you can buy here at the lowest prices on the market.

It is a scenario that millions of motorists have to suffer every day. However, technology can also help in this situation: did you know that there are several apps that are used to find parking? The effectiveness and validity are quite different from one to the other, but generally they are quite useful.

Here are the best ones:

1) Parkopedia Parking   - Android - iOS

Does the name remind you of anything? Sure: it comes from the fusion of words Park (park) e Wikipedia (the famous online encyclopedia). In the intentions of the authors this app, created in 2007, should become a sort of encyclopedia of car parks.

And indeed, in all these years they have made great strides. The numbers don't lie - information is provided on more than 70 million parking spaces available in 15.000 city di 89 countries of the world. And in over 4.000 cities parking information is in real time.

The operation is very simple: enter the address where we are (or the one where we have to go), and a map will appear with all the parking spaces available in the area, both free (rare goods ...) and paid.

The app, and the consultation of the place they are free. It is possible to download the version Premium which allows, for € 5,49, to reserve a seat if there is availability and to pay online directly from the car.

It is probably the best.

Screenshot from the Parkopedia Android app

2) Parclick - Android - iOS  

This app connects the private car parks of over 250 cities in Europe. In Italy, the supported cities include Rome, Milan Venice, Florence, Pisa, Naples, Bari and others. It's possible save up to 70% on parking in more than 1400 parking spaces all over Europe.

3) ParkinGo - Android - iOS  

It is the ideal app if you have to leave your car to leave by plane, train or ship and spend a fair amount. It allows you to book your seat in advance and take advantage of some very convenient additional services, the most useful of which is a shuttle that takes the customer from the car park to the airport / station / port and vice versa.

If the app should have problems (sometimes it has happened in the past) it is always possible to book on the site.

Screenshot from the Parkin GO Android app

4) EasyPark

It is an app that works in 15 European countries and indicates which parking spaces are free and how you can get there.

But not only: thanks to Parking Planner Parking at the airport can be booked in advance by viewing the various payment solutions. And if you have an electric car, no problem: you can manage both parking and vehicle charging.

The app can be downloaded from the site for both Android than by platform iOS.

5) GrinPark - Find Parking - Android - iOS

Unlike the other apps presented so far, GrinPark is based on the collaboration of those who use it, who should report if there are free parking spaces in the vicinity of where it is located, or if a place is being vacated (perhaps because he himself is leaving ).

According to the authors, the purpose of the app is to "Save you time, money and live in a cleaner environment, while helping to reduce pollution."

It is obvious that the chances of finding parking will increase in direct proportion to the number of users of this app.

6) SocialParking  - iOS

Also this app, available only for iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch, is based on a network of users who report free parking spaces by simply pressing the "Report a parking" button.

To find parking The operation is trivial: open the app and a map of the place where you are will appear with all the parking spaces available.

7) Sparky

Sharing a parking space? Of course. This is the concept behind Sparky, the first European community that connects those who need parking with those who manage car parks by profession or even those who intend to free up their parking space (whether in the courtyard of an apartment building, in a garage or elsewhere) even for a few hours at day.

In this way, in addition to satisfying the needs of an increasingly vast public looking for a parking space, companies that (for example) find themselves unused squares that can be used for parking, and private individuals who can make any income. area available to them.

And if the car park is protected by an automatic barrier, no problem: the site sells devices that allow it to be opened, even in the absence of the car park owner, using programmable codes.

8) Google Maps

Yes, even with the widely used Big G app you can find parking spaces. Open the app and by default it will show you the city you are in. Swipe from right to left the available services, located at the top of the screen (under the search bar) until you find three dots e Other: tap this item and then tap Services. Here you will find the entry Parking: touch this too and all the parking areas available in the city will appear, starting from the closest, with directions to get there.


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