How to find out who a mobile number belongs to

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How to find out who a mobile number belongs to

What if an anonymous call comes in? There is a solution for that too

Track down a cell phone number: how many times have you asked yourself if and how it was possible? In this article we will try to provide some answers.

Who has never received a phone call from a number not in the phone book? The most distracted usually respond without too much trouble, only to discover that whoever is on the other end of the line has the only interest in proposing water purifiers, fabulous offers to switch to other service providers, etc.etc.

Those who, on the other hand, have a suspicious soul, immediately begin to scan the net in search of answers. If the phone number is a landline, you can contact the site of White pages or delle Yellow Pages.  

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Too bad there is no official telephone directory of mobile numbers. However, there are still alternatives to find out.

National law provides that each mobile phone number corresponds to a person who has been identified by an identity document.

Once upon a time you could turn to Facebook, which has a huge database of mobile numbers of its members (those who have agreed to put it in the profile, mind you). Too bad that for two years now, after the scandal Cambridge Analytica, it is no longer possible to do so.

So what are the sites and / or apps that allow you to trace the identity connected to a mobile number?

1) Tellows  

It is one of the most used sites (also available as an app): it is based on a community of over 265.000 users registered and on reports made by more than 7 million users per month in 50 countries, concerning both fixed and mobile numbers. Through this service you can find out if the number that called us came from an annoying call center or from someone we know but his number was not in the phone book. The report is also complete with geographical area.


2) Truecaller   

The database of this site / app is also very large, continuously updated and rather complete.

The Finnish company owns Truecaller it is secure in terms of privacy, in the sense that it does not use the contact information on users' mobile phones or their phone numbers.

The use of the site is very easy, you have to type the number (mobile or fixed) in the search field and press on the magnifying glass. The "nuisance", if you like, is that you have to log in with a Google or Microsoft account to get the information.

3) Jamino  

It is a service, born more than 20 years ago, which boasts of having the largest database of all (except the telephone companies themselves) and a longevity that is unmatched by the competition.

It is available in both version free in that FULL. With the first you have free access to the database data, in exchange they require a registration with your mobile number and your data (so that other users can see them too).

If one does not want to provide their data, but is willing to spend 199€, you can access the version FULL which allows offline consultation, that is to download even the complete database on your PC or mobile phone.


4) Dive3000    

Here too we have a site that can tell us who a given mobile number belongs to, after free registration or login via Facebook.

Unlike Tellows, the site does not have the primary objective of uncovering the classic telephone scams or harassing telephone marketing, but only to create a telephone directory of mobile phones.

Very interesting is the possibility of doing reverse searches, that is to start not from the mobile number, but to insert name, surname and province and see which number is associated with that given name.


It is a service (also usable as an app) that in the mobile version can block unwanted calls, while on the site it allows you to access a huge database of mobile numbers.

The convenience is unmatched: no login, no connections with other accounts (but there is a daily query limit, 5). It is sufficient to select Italy, type in the number to search for and then put a check mark on the captcha that appears (trick used to avoid massive consultations by bots).

From the tests we have carried out, the names that appear are reliable; much less so are the data on the provider (since probably cannot take into account the various movements that a user can make towards other operators).


What if one comes anonymous call and we wanted to know who called? No problem, there is a service for this too:

6) Whooming   

There is a call and you don't see any number on the display? Install the app Whooming, register for free, wait for someone to call you anonymously and decline the call. At this point the app will make the phone ring again but this time with clear number.

If you are not in a hurry, you are satisfied with the version participation of the service, which provides for the display of the offending number only 24 hours after the call. For a few euros per month of subscription, however, the display of the number is instantaneous. 

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