How to find out the title of a song by hinting at a few notes

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How to find out the title of a song by hinting at a few notes

Here are the sites that allow you to do this

Have you ever found yourself in that annoying situation where you happen to hear a song and not remember the exact title, but have it "on the tip of your tongue"? Here are some solutions for find the title of a song by humming or whistling it.

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1) Midomi   

Midomi is a site like many others, where you can search for music, buy them, watch video clips, listen to them and even join the community to record your music.

What makes Midomi really useful and sets it apart from other similar sites is a small box at the top of the home page where it says: "Click and Sing or Hum"(click and sing or sing the song with your mouth closed).

We have done several tests, and Midomi has always hit the mark with just about ten seconds of "clues" provided by us. Really impressive.

2) Musipedia  

If you are a musician, you will surely know all the notes in a song. In this case Musipedia it could be the ideal service for searching for songs.

The site offers the possibility of importing music through the microphone, even singing them or hinting them with the mouth if desired. In addition, the site offers the possibility to play the song with different searches linked to the notes. Among these there is a keyboard search (only for the notes), or concerning the melody, or through the use of a virtual piano that plays the song, or through a search on the rhythm.

When one of these search functions is used, the Musipedia engine converts it into a melodic line and performs an algorithmic search comparing it with the songs present in its entire library. At the end of the search, you will see the list of all the songs present in the results. Each result includes the part of the melody that was used for the search.

3) AHA Music—Music Identifier 

Another way you can find a song by hinting at a few notes is by installing this one extension for Chrome. The way it works is very simple:

-If you are watching a movie or TV show, click on the icon AHA Music—Music Identifier present in the browser

-If a song is playing in the background, the app will listen to it and identify it

-You can also click on the Spotify icon to open the song on the Spotify site itself.

The great thing about this extension is that it's great for identifying songs that are being streamed, especially when song titles aren't available right away.

Furthermore, you can also use this extension to find a song by simply singing a piece of it using one of the many software recorders (even from a mobile phone) and making it play back to the extension itself. As reliability, however, it is worse than Midomi, unless you sing very in tune, then the speech changes ...

4) AudioTag  

It is a very basic site, but at the same time quite comfortable. The audio recognition feature is fully automated, so you don't have to wait for someone else to do it for you. The method of loading the song is completely different though. Basically, you will have to record and upload your own audio file.

You can sing, hint it with your mouth, or play it on the guitar. It should work, as long as you record something similar to the original song.

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