How to choose the best Wi-Fi channel for your router

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How to choose the best Wi-Fi channel for your router

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If Ethernet cables are ideal for reliable connections, the Wi-Fi it is the only choice for devices such as smartphones, tablets and other smart home gadgets. And, with so many devices that connect wirelessly, and so many people with router Home Wi-Fi, radio waves are understandably getting a little crowded.

Therefore, if you are in a very busy area, the connection speed may not be optimal. What to do then? Simple, to have an instant speed improvement it is essential to select a Wi-Fi channel that no one else is using.

In this article we will show you how to analyze home Wi-Fi e select the best Wi-Fi channel in your router.


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Why are Wi-Fi assigned numbered channels? Just like radio stations, Wi-Fi also operates on different frequencies and on two separate bands. Think of AM and FM radio: the first radio waves are of low quality but they manage to overcome walls; FM radio waves have better quality but don't travel long distances, and 5GHz Wi-Fi is faster but still can't get through walls.

Typically, 2,4GHz Wi-Fi has 13 different channels (11 in the US) that represent the full spectrum of frequencies available for Wi-Fi. The problem is that when transmitting on one channel the signal often "overflows" into adjacent ones. This means 2,4GHz Wi-Fi only has three channels that don't overlap: 1, 6, and 11.

Wi-Fi on 5 GHz covers a much wider frequency range, with 20 channels not overlapping with each other. Modern routers broadcast both 2,4 and 5 GHz signals, allowing devices to switch to the 5 GHz network when it is available.

Before checking the best Wi-Fi channel, it should be noted that if your wireless network is slow it may be because it is the home connection to be slow, as a result the wireless network will be too. Or, if there are too many devices connected (about 30) it is not difficult to observe that they disconnect randomly.

Apart from these considerations, how do you check the Wi-Fi channel you are on? On Windows 10 a free app is available named "Wifi analyzer"in the Windows Store.

Once the program has been downloaded and started, grant permissions to control both the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi adapter (and tell it your location) and click Analyze. You will immediately notice which are the least congested channels.

If you have a version of Windows older than 10, download and use NetSpot.

Su Androidinstead, the app is available Wifi Analyzer,  which shows an easy to understand graph, and offers the advantage of being able to move to easily identify the points of the house where the signal is lowest. The interesting aspect of this app is a "Channel Rating" attributed to each channel, very useful in deciding whether to make a change or not.

Regarding the latter, now that you have identified it, you may wonder how do you change the Wi-Fi channel? It depends on the manufacturer and model of the router.

Usually you need to open the router's administration page by typing o in any browser, providing username and password (get them from the instruction booklet) and accessing the section generally called Wireless; from there there should be an option to change the channel number. 

For Technicolor modems supplied by InformaticsKings, for example, type, access the section Home network and then to wireless. On the page Wireless access point click on the item Configure top right, up Channel selection choose Manual and then the channel to change.

For more details on the other modems, visit the page InformaticsKings Assistance


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