How to add a Bluetooth hands-free system in the car

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How to add a Bluetooth hands-free system in the car

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Your car has quite a few years on its shoulders, you have no intention of changing it due to lack of liquidity, but you still want to update it by putting a Bluetooth system? Are you tired of having earphones with a wire that always sticks everywhere, perhaps between the steering wheel and the gear lever, making driving very dangerous?

Well, in this article we will see how to call hands-free and listen to music in the car by spending a few euros.

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The system that in recent years has been integrated by car manufacturers and allows you to connect with your mobile phone or tablet to perform various actions is called, in fact, Bluetooth: its main advantage is given by the possibility of getting rid of cables forever.

How Bluetooth works in the car

The basic principle is very simple: you activate the Bluetooth of the car, then that of the device to be connected and let them "talk". When the two have exchanged mutual information, a permanent connection will be established: every time you get into the car, it will be enough that the Bluetooth of the device to be used is active, when the car's Bluetooth is also turned on, you can use all the related services.

The operation of Bluetooth is the same even for an old machine that is not prepared, but it is implemented in different ways. Here are which ones.

Old car? Here's what to do to add Bluetooth

There are three different modes, let's analyze them in detail:

- Bluetooth adapter

If the car stereo has an entrance AUX you can use a Bluetooth adapter for car stereo that connects, in fact, to the AUX / headphones input with a classic 3,5 mm jack.

The receiver allows both to listen to music and to use the speakerphone, and its internal battery can be charged through the cigarette lighter socket via a mini-USB port.

The price is around ten euros, or even less.

The problem is that sometimes the AUX input is only on the rear of the car stereo or not at all. In this case you can use a ...

- FM transmitter

This device plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and must be tuned to a free FM frequency of the car radio. With this system (very cheap, the models on the market are around twenty euros) both the audio of the calls and that of the smartphone will be transmitted on that frequency (as if it were a local micro radio).

If you receive a call, in most models it is sufficient to press a button to answer, you do not have to get distracted or stop the car.

- Audio cassette adapter

If you still have a car radio with the old "cassette player" you can try an adapter Cassette Bluetooth. It is a device that imitates the shape of old audio cassettes and fits right into the cassette player.

With this device you can listen to music from your mobile phone and talk hands-free on the phone.

And who really doesn't have a car stereo?

Don't despair, there are solutions for you too. For example, you can buy a independent Bluetooth hands-free kit which allows you to receive and make calls independently from the stereo system mounted in the car.

Usually these kits are placed on the driver's side sun visor. Unfortunately they are not ideal for listening to music (unless you are satisfied) because the audio only reaches the driver.

Or again, if your priority is to simply listen to music on your mobile, you can buy simple ones portable Bluetooth speakers to be coupled to the smartphone, and can be placed practically anywhere in the passenger compartment, given the small size.

Examples of Bluetooth devices for cars
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