Complete guide to InformaticsKings UltraFibra (FTTH)

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Complete guide to InformaticsKings UltraFibra (FTTH)

All the details on the Ultra-fast Internet network created with Open Fiber

Already available in the main capitals of the peninsula, InformaticsKings Ultrafibra currently represents the ultimate in fiber optic connections currently on the market. Born from the agreement between InformaticsKings Open Fiber (company jointly owned by Enel and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, for the construction of the fiber optic infrastructure on the national territory), and then expanded thanks to the network TIM, UltraFibra is made with the new generation technology FTTH, literally “Fiber to the Home”, that is to say “Fiber to the home”. But what exactly does "home" mean? And what is the difference with the other fiber offers available on the market? Let's do some clarity.

What is Fiber

The "Fiber" differs from "traditional" connections (ADSL) first of all for the support on which it travels: it is in fact an infrastructure built totally or partially with optical fiber cables, which are composed of many transparent filaments of glass fiber, as thin as a human hair. The main difference from traditional copper telephone cables is that they are capable of carry much more data per unit of time and at the same time they are lighter, resistant to bad weather and oxidation and almost immune to electrical disturbances. Finally, fiber can exploit a much higher frequency band than other connections and can therefore reach much higher transmission speeds (up to 1 Gbps, in fact) of traditional ADSL connections.


Be careful, however, because not always all the connection infrastructure is made of optical fiber: in fact, often only a part of it - however long - is made of fiber, and a residual section - very often the last - rests on the traditional copper telephone line. In this case we talk about Fiber FTTN (“Fiber To The Node”) o FTTC ("Fiber To The Cabinet"), where the fiber arrives, respectively, up to the "node" (a control unit several kilometers away) or up to a cabin on the road, generally a few hundred meters away from the end user's home. It goes without saying that the more the distance from the node or cabin increases, and therefore the longer the last copper section, slower and less performing will be the connection.

When, on the other hand, the fiber arrives directly in the building or apartment of the customer, one speaks respectively of FTTB (“Fiber To The Building”) e di FTTH ("Fiber To The Home"): this last type of connection is obviously the fastest of all, because the infrastructure, from the control panel to the customer's modem, is at 100% fiber optic, with performance that can go up to 1 Gigabit per second.

L’UltraFibra InformaticsKings
As already mentioned, InformaticsKings Ultrafibra is made entirely with FTTH technology and therefore offers maximum speed and performance regardless of the distance from the control unit: up to 1 Gigabit per second in download and up to 300 Megabit per second in upload. UltraFibra it is therefore ideal for streaming video in 4K, for the online gaming and for the simultaneous use of numerous connected devices.

UltraFibra can be purchased online on the site, calling the 130 and at the InformaticsKings shops.

Many have already chosen UltraFibra InformaticsKings, would you like to join them? Check here if your route is covered by UltraFibra!
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