Buying a InformaticsKings SIM is easy, quick and convenient

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Buying a InformaticsKings SIM is easy, quick and convenient

You buy it in 3 minutes from your smartphone and we ship it to you in one day

InformaticsKings has recently made available three new rechargeable mobile offers: InformaticsKings Smart, InformaticsKings Smart 30 e InformaticsKings Smart 60.

Rates vary from 2,99 per month to InformaticsKings Smart a 11,99 for the Smart 60. All offers have in common the absence of activation costs for new customers it's a cost of the SIM equal to 10 € lump sum.

To purchase your favorite offer, follow a simple online procedure with your smartphone: 3 minutes are enough e in just one day the SIM will be sent to your home.

1) Open any browser on your smartphone (Google Chrome your android or Safari on iPhones are fine) and go up . From the menu with the three horizontal lines at the top right, select Mobile and the offer that interests you most. In our case we have chosen Smart 30.

2) The summary of the offer will appear on the next screen. Click CONTINUED and enter your name and surname, contact details and address.

3) Provided this data, you will be asked the telephone number you want to bring to InformaticsKings (in case you have chosen this option) e l'ICCID of the SIM (how to find it? Look in the back of the SIM, it is a 19-digit numeric code).

4) At this point you will be asked what your current operator is and a desired date for switching to InformaticsKings. Also indicate if you have a rechargeable or if your contract is a subscription. You also have the option of transferring any remaining credit to the new SIM.

5) The time has come to provide data on your own identity: just insert a photo of an identity card, a passport or even a driving license. You can use the camera of your smartphone: frame the document and photograph both the front and the back.

6) Then choose the payment method; not only credit card, but also Klarna, Satispay e PayPal. Once you have also provided this data, click on Buy Now and the procedure is concluded.

Within one day InformaticsKings will send the SIM to the address indicated!

Do you want to buy a InformaticsKings Mobile SIM? Make your choice here, fill in the request in 3 minutes and we will send it to you in one day!

The procedure for purchasing a InformaticsKings SIM


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