9 tips to get noticed on Instagram

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9 tips to get noticed on Instagram

Few likes? Here are some suggestions

You have a profile Instagram for a long time but the followers are still few? Do you rarely get likes and comments for photos? If so, try these tips!

1) Use only your best photos

Look at the profiles of those you follow on Instagram: unless they are friends or famous people, you are probably following them because you like their photos. So, put yourself in their shoes and only share photos that you really like, first and foremost.

When someone visits your Instagram account they will need to be impressed with your photography prowess. And that won't happen if you don't put your most interested shots on your public profile.

That doesn't mean you have to stop posting tons of selfies and impromptu photos right away. Instagram has a feature that allows you to share some posts only to the list of "close" friends, where friends and family should be. You can manage the list by clicking on the star icon on the profile when you are logged in.

When you post a photo to your friends list, it won't appear on your public profile, so you don't have to worry about it affecting the rest of your Instagram portfolio.

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2) Choose a niche

If you're looking to attract more Instagram followers, chances are you're looking for a certain type of subject. If you travel frequently, you will want to arouse some interest in other travelers.

One of the main reasons why people unsubscribe from Instagram profiles is precisely because they have no point of contact with their passions, so be careful not to fall into the trap of a generic account.

3) Create a kind of "aesthetic"

People also follow Instagram accounts because they like their aesthetics. And they love the style of the photos that are uploaded. If you constantly change filters, if you go from color to black and white or if you constantly change your style, you will certainly not have an exceptional appeal towards those who follow you.

This does not mean that you must necessarily have an immutable style over time, you are free to evolve and experiment, God forbid. However, it is essential to have an immediately recognizable and constant style.

4) Use hashtags wisely

Using hashtags is one of the main ways to advertise your photos and videos, and interact with followers. Instagram limits the number of hashtags that can be used in a post to 30. And if on the one hand there is an argument about how many hashtags you should actually use, on the other hand there is no unequivocal answer.

Using all 30 has no negative effect on the post, so go wild. For the choice, do not use the ultra-popular ones, but limit yourself to those closely related to your interests.

To do this, start typing a hashtag in the caption and Instagram will suggest alternatives that might work for that topic. Don't get lazy to the point of repeating the same ones over and over again, though.

5) Don't post too often

When no one is following you there is no problem if you post photos continuously every day.

Things change when the followers begin to increase: in that case it would be advisable not to make more than four posts (photos or videos) in the space of 24 hours.

And don't forget to make timed posts, don't post them all at once!

6) Interact with your community

Remember that Instagram is a social network, not just a publishing platform. For this reason, to be successful it is essential to integrate into the Instagram community.

At a minimum, this means replying to comments received in posts and tagging people and places in them that are related to your photos.

In case you want to take Instagram seriously you will have to increase the level of interactivity even more. An easy way to do this is to follow hashtags that are relevant to the niche you have placed yourself in. Some photos that are tagged with these hashtags will appear in your feed. Spend some time leaving comments on these posts and following the profiles you admire. This way you will enter the "radar" of other people in your own niche.

7) Use Stories

Instagram Stories have quickly become a key part of the platform, and can be a great way to retain and engage your followers.

Stories are an ideal way to share more dynamic content that gives a behind-the-scenes look to whatever you're sharing on your main profile.

An added benefit is that Stories can contain links to your website. This is not feasible on major Instagram posts, making it one of the few ways to get your followers elsewhere.

8) Post multiple images at a time

If you have taken multiple photos it would be appropriate (after a ruthless selection) to publish them as a multi-image post, rather than as multiple individual posts.

Multi-image posts can contain up to 10 images, which users can view by browsing from left to right, before continuing to scroll through their feed.

9) Insert calls to action

If you really want more Instagram interaction, don't be afraid to ask for it. Ask a question, ask people to like the photo, start a conversation. This method allows for more interactions on blog posts, as well as interactions on Facebook and Twitter, and works equally well with Instagram.

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