7 apps for nature lovers

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7 apps for nature lovers

Discovering plants and animals with your smartphone!

Biologists, naturalists, hikers or simple outdoor enthusiasts: did you know that there is a mobile application for you too? Don't believe it? To tell the truth there are many, today we are talking about 7 apps for nature lovers!

Application for identifying plants from an image database. The number of plants and vegetables included in the db grows continuously thanks to the contributions to the project by users. Available for Android e iPhone, it's free.

Smart Tools
Ideal for hikers, Smart Tools is a paid app (€ 2,99) that contains 15 very useful tools for outdoor life. They range from the level to the compass, the magnifying glass, the metal detector, the protractor etc. Great for those who want to have everything in one app. Available for Android.

Similar to PlantNet, iNaturalist allows you to identify plants and animals, and it does so thanks to an online community (at https://www.inaturalist.org/) of over 400000 scientists and naturalists. Available for iOS e Android.

Nature Sounds
A great selection for Android of sounds of nature to relax the atmosphere and your hearing: from the sound of the ocean to the wind that caresses the grass, to the mountain waterfalls to the fauna of the forest. Furthermore, each sound is customizable, and allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of certain components (eg the number of chirps in the sound of the forest or the speed of the wind). You can set a timer to fall asleep with your favorite sound.

Application of the family iNaturalist: unlike the 'mother' app, this allows you to recognize plants and animals not by interrogating an online community, but directly using an image recognition algorithm based on a particular artificial intelligence. Available for Android e iPhone.

MyNature Animal Tracks
The ultimate app to catalog and recognize animal footprints. It allows you to identify the species and gait of the animal and also allows you to measure the length of the footprint. Paid app.

Song Sleuth
Available for iPhone e Android, this paid app allows you to recognize the sounds of many species of birds through a large database. A bit like it does Shazam with the songs, Song Sleuth, in the face of the recording of a chirp, provides a series of possible results with attached photos and audio files for the most precise identification possible.

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