5 reasons not to use free VPNs, and XNUMX reasons to subscribe to paid ones

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5 reasons not to use free VPNs, and XNUMX reasons to subscribe to paid ones

Premium VPNs cost a few euros a month, so don't risk it

Premise: you don't know what a VPN is? Read on first this article and then come back here!

It is difficult to say no to a good or a free service. But when it comes to cybersecurity and privacy, the "free" option may not be a good idea. Sure, the Free VPNs they are becoming more and more popular, but there are a few things you need to pay attention to. Here are which ones:

1) Security

When it comes to free VPNs, you should check that they effectively protect your online presence. Not only are they under no obligation to protect your privacy, but even, in some cases, there have been companies that have sold accesses to anyone who intends to pay for an "anonymous" IP service, which actually passed through the connection.

2) Tracking and anonymity

One of the free VPNs got caught (as we just mentioned) not only allowing other users' traffic to pass through your connection (which would mean being responsible for any activity that occurs when connecting through your own personal connection) , but also to allow users to be tracked on the internet. Logging (i.e. recording user activity) is a very serious thing for those who use a VPN: most paid VPNs do not keep logs, in order to protect the privacy of their customers, while the free ones have no obligation. therefore, at any time, your personal data may be disclosed.

3) Unreliable connection

One of the reasons why you should pay for a VPN service is to ensure that the connection remains constant and reliable, and that security is not compromised by slowness and "holes" in the connection. When trying to download or stream various content, connections that suffer from continuous, short, interruptions can be frustrating - that's another problem with free VPNs.

4) Bottlenecks

When it comes to online security and privacy, you don't need to sacrifice connection speed to feel protected. Security aside, if you try to access content offered by another country using a different IP address the last thing you want is a slowdown of the video or interruptions while it is being buffered. With a paid VPN, on the other hand, you should be pretty sure the speed remains constant.

5) Protocols

The security protocols used are important to ensure that the connection is as secure as possible, and it should be possible for the customer to be able to make a choice. Paid VPNs typically offer PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP protocols, free ones don't.

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What are, then, the reasons why you should always choose one pay VPN?

1) Data protection

With a premium VPN, all session data should disappear when you disconnect from the web. While some VPN providers actually keep partial connection logs for diagnostic purposes, it is also true that none of them track your activities and do not share data with anyone. So that navigation remains completely anonymous.

2) Network security at the highest level

The operators of paid VPNs need customers who can browse with peace of mind, which is why they absolutely cannot afford to have security problems. The best VPNs offer one AES 256-bit data encryption and support different tunneling protocols, including the ultra-safe OpenVPN.

Some VPNs go further, with features like split tunneling, Double VPN, kill switch, and DNS and IPv6 leak protection. Basically, your data won't be in danger even in the event of a sudden disconnection from the VPN server.

3) No bandwidth enforcement or speed limits

Another benefit of using a paid VPN service is that you can browse securely with no data limitations or speed restrictions. It is ideal if you use the VPN to stream videos, if you use peertopeer a lot, or if you play a lot online.

Some high-quality VPNs even offer optimized servers for each of these tasks - goodbye, so buffering and slow downloads.

4) Access to multiple servers

Paid VPNs offer unlimited access to their entire network of servers, which is often huge and spread across the globe. So you will be able to access more geographically restricted sites and services.

As a general rule, the more servers available, the better for site unblocking and connection speeds.

5) Unblocking Netflix and even working in China

This is where the best VPNs excel. Even the best paid VPNs do not unblock Netflix reliably or can get through the great Chinese firewall, because the blocks in place are reinforced by special software for detecting VPNs.

Without draining your wallet, however, the best VPNs provide access to the Netflix americano e to BBC iPlayer, and even bypass filtering systems in place in countries like Turkey, Russia and China.

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