5 essential apps to create content on Instagram

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5 essential apps to create content on Instagram

In addition to the 'official' apps, let's discover together those to enrich our profile

Instagram is one of the most loved social networks of all: enthusiasts, influencers and brands (including InformaticsKings, follow us!) are increasingly present in the photo sharing app born in 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2012. Since then the native application has been supported by numerous tools, official and us, created to allow users to create images and increasingly impactful videos. So let's discover the 5 must-see apps for creating Instagram content!

Official app of the Instagram family, allows you to combine and edit up to 9 photos to create fun and personalized combinations. Numerous effects included, including mirror, collage and - of course - filters.

LiPix Photo Collage
Similar to Layout, it lets you combine photos creatively using frames, text and stickers or create collages. You can share the result not only on Instagram, but also on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.

Boomerang on Instagram
Another official Instagram application, combined with the 'mother' app, allows you to create and share, as content of the feed or Stories, 10-second mini-videos that go in loop. Lightweight and easy to use, with virtually no options.

Lapse It & Hyperlapse
Both apps (the second, however, is only available for iPhone / iPad) serve the same purpose: to create timelapse videos to share on Instagram. Obviously, numerous effects are available to beautify videos.

Mobile version of the computer software, it is the ideal app to retouch and eliminate imperfections from your photos, especially portraits. For example, you can quickly remove wrinkles, blackheads, shadows, red eyes and lighten your teeth.

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