4 tools to back up an Android device to a pc

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4 tools to back up an Android device to a pc

Better think about it first ...

Imagine the scene, yours smartphone o Android tablet falls to the ground and breaks. What would you do if you found out that you have lost all data? This nightmare can be avoided if you do a backup on yours pc.

There are many ways to do this, depending on the data you want to copy. You can choose between backing up your photos only, or a "flash" copy of your phone, using a third-party backup app, or turning your phone into a wireless FTP server.

Here are our suggestions:

1) Use Google Photos

Most people use their cell phones to take pictures, as well as to make phone calls and text messages. And in many cases, photos are the only data you would truly regret losing.

If you also have the same concern, there is a simple way to make sure that every photo you take is copied to the cloud, and that is to use Google Photos.

Thanks to the automatic backup and synchronization function, Google uploads any photo taken or video directly to your Google Photos account.

2) ROM Manager   

If you are worried about losing all your custom phone settings and all the apps you have installed, ROM Manager is definitely the best program to use.

With ROM Manager you can backup an entire Android phone. If something goes wrong, you could put the ROM you just backed up on your phone.

ROM Manager allows you to perform backups on SD cards automatically and provides a small file hosting server that you can connect to to use your PC to download backups.

Unfortunately this app requires the root mobile phone: if you are not an expert, better use the next option.

3) Backup Your Mobile

If you are looking for an option for download the data of your Android device to a PC, this app is for you. The interface from which to select everything you want to backup is really very simple.

Everything can be backed up, except APNs (for which you need to root your mobile).

The app allows you to send backups to various cloud services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Orange Cloud.

4) WiFi FTP Server

You may always prefer the classic USB cable copy option. But why use a cable if we live in the world of Wi-Fi technology? You could andbackup your Android device by installing the WiFi FTP Serve appre configuring the mobile phone as a wireless FTP server.

It is very easy to use: click on the button Home and it will show you the IP address to connect via FTP. It also includes the port number and the ID or password.

At this point, open your favorite FTP client on your PC (for example fileZilla) and connect the Android device wirelessly.

When you connect, you will see all the contents of your mobile in the two panels to the right of FileZilla: you can go to any folder on your mobile and download the files to any folder on your PC.

This is the easiest way not only to make backups, but also to download any file from your mobile to your computer.

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