4 apps to find a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot

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4 apps to find a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot

Very useful when you are on vacation ... and not only!


It is difficult to stay away from a signal Wi-Fi. Slow internet, data limits, no Spotify - it's a nightmare!

Fortunately, it's very unlikely to be that far from a Wi-Fi connection. In any metropolitan area there are hundreds of Hotspot.

Sounds like good news, but how do you actually find them? Is there a more advanced method than looking at the shop windows of each store to see if they display the "Wi-Fi" sticker?

Of course it exists, just rely on one of these four apps:

1) Wi-Fi Map (Android / iOS)   

It is a very complete free app that allows you to find well over 100 million hotspots all over the planet.

Its coverage makes it a great choice for frequent travelers. Not only does it work in Western countries, it also offers full service for the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe.

The real "plus" of Wi-Fi Map is its community: many users who have contributed over time by entering millions of hotspot passwords, a truly convenient service.

The app also has an offline mode that allows you to locate a hotspot even in the absence of a signal.

With InformaticsKings MyOpen you can configure the offer according to your needs, click here and try!

2) Avast Wi-Fi Finder (Android / iOS)    

You will most likely already know Avast - it is one of the most famous antivirus manufacturers in the world. What you don't know, perhaps, is that it also has an excellent app to find Wi-Fi hotspots in the catalog.

When it starts it uses GPS to geolocate you and show you the nearest hotspots. For each hotspot the app will tell you if the connection is open or if it requires a password.

If you want to find other hotspots just open the app menu and search by location.

3) OpenSignal  (Android / iOS)      

Did you think the 100 million Wi-Fi Maps were incredible? Well, OpenSignal's WiFiMapper is even more surprising because it has more than 500 million!

As expected, all points are clearly marked on a map and easy to locate. But the interesting aspect is the extra "features" such as integration with FourSquare and a filter that allows you to sort the results by type, speed, connection quality and so on.

There is also a very vibrant community on OpenSignal sharing passwords and other tips for each location.

4) WiFi Hotspot Scanner (per Windows)    

The three apps above are for mobile only, for Windows the best program is WiFi Hotspot Scanner.

Unlike the hotspot search function already present in Windows, this program displays not only the network name, but also the current network security settings, channel information, MAC address and other useful data.

You can also export the results to HTML, XML, text or CSV files, in case you need to share the information with friends and colleagues as well.  

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