3 ways to run Android apps on Windows

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3 ways to run Android apps on Windows

And, of course, games too

You have the need to run android apps on windows? Nowadays it's easier than ever thanks to several emulators, app players and mirroring tools that allow you to run Android apps on your pc.

Whether you want to play Android games on Windows, develop and test your apps, or remotely control and run apps using your computer, here are three tools you can use to run Android apps on Windows.

1) BlueStacks  

BlueStacks is an app player for Android that mainly focuses on allowing you to play games for this platform. And in fact it doesn't emulate that Android environment that developers would need.

However, if your aim is simply to try out the available Android apps or play a mobile game on your PC, BlueStacks is perfect. The software is free, but a paid version is also available.

Given its extremely targeted functions. it is also very easy to install, with a very easy procedure to follow. You can choose the types of simulated environment you would like, based on the different default settings.

To use BlueStacks you need to login with a Google account. In addition to this and other minor settings, you can also start trying apps on your PC in no time.

The app allows you to change various settings to optimize performance and input. And if you want to broadcast the game phases, Bluestacks offers various possibilities to record videos and take screenshots.

An excellent feature for those who play on mobile phones is the compatibility of the app with gamepads. Unfortunately, not all games work on the platform, depending on the developer's policies.

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2) AirDroid

If you already have an Android phone and just want to see apps on a larger screen or use a keyboard and mouse as input, then you can use a mirroring and remote control tool, such as AirDroid.

This software allows you to mirror and control your Android device with your computer. This means that you can also run apps and control them directly via your PC. Additionally, you can run AirDroid from Chrome (as well as standalone PC software). To use either version, you will also need the AirDroid app on your smartphone, as well as an AirDroid account.

To pair AirDroid to your mobile, run AirDroid on your computer and scan the QR code provided. Using the remote control feature of AirDroid requires root access, or access via USB debugging if your mobile has not been rooted.

The flaw with AirDroid is that mirroring your device can cause a slight delay. Despite this, AirDroid is useful if you want to run apps on your PC without being in an emulated environment.

AirDroid is available for Windows and for Android.

3) The official Android emulator of Android Studio    

If you are looking for a truly complete Android emulator, this is the reference. As the official Android app development environment, Android Studio allows you to always emulate the latest version of Android and create a virtual device.

This tool, of course, is aimed at developers and not end users in general. As such, it is much more complex than a typical emulator. The software allows you to edit code, analyze APKs and offers an advanced type of emulation.

It is available for free from the site Android Developers

Other ways to run Android on Windows

These are the best tools to run Android apps on your pc. There are, however, other methods as well. Among them, make a dual boot (thanks for example to PrimeOS ) between Windows and Android, or choose from several player in app and more.

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