10 ways to recycle your old smartphone

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10 ways to recycle your old smartphone

Lots of creative uses for devices that are still functional

After a long time you have finally made up your mind to change smartphone and you switched to a shiny new model because the old one was too slow. What to do now with the old phone? Throwing it away is not talked about, throwing it in special waste could be an idea but after all the 'engine' still works and you are a little sorry to let it do this. The solution is useful and creative recycling: we introduce you 10 ways to reuse your old smartphone!

1 - Alarm clock
The simplest and most immediate use: you can use your old smartphone as an alarm clock, so at night you can finally turn off your phone.

2 - Remote control
If your phone has an infrared sensor, you can turn it into a remote control for the TV, but also for the stereo or air conditioner! Just download the app SURE to Android e iPhone and you will have a backup remote control.

3 - Portable stereo
If your smartphone is too slow to navigate it certainly won't be slow to ring yours music favorite! Pair it with a speaker and you can use it as a stereo for the living room (perhaps with Spotify) or as a simple MP3 player!

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4 - Portable console
If the mobile has a good processor and a large enough display, you can still use it for playing! Delete all apps and use it as a mini-console. And if you are geek, you can even install a emulator to enjoy the old arcades!

5 - Surveillance camera
Connect the phone to the home WiFi, install IP Webcam per Android o IP camera lite per iPhone and you can remotely monitor your home.

6 – Skype phone
To make calls via computer, in smart working or with friends ... don't use the computer anymore! Install Skype (or other similar app) on your smartphone, connect it to your home Wi-Fi and use it as VoIP phone.

7 - External hard drive
If the phone has a large enough memory it can be used as an external hard disk, among other things with a display for the browsing through files! And in case, you can always extract the possible internal MicroSD (if you have added one) to use it with other devices.

8 - GPS navigator
By installing an offline browser (for example TomTom Go) or by downloading the maps of Google maps, the old smartphone can become a GPS navigator for your car! In this way you will avoid "consuming" your brand new smartphone.

9 – Fitness tracker
While you won't be able to share your route online in real time (unless you find a WiFi along the way), you can still use your old phone as a tracker for your jogging. Just install an app that also has basic offline functions, like RunKeeper!

10 - Digital photo frame

Yes, maybe digital frames will be a bit out of fashion, but with an old smartphone it is at no cost and will certainly make a good impression in the living room! Here is one of the best Whatsapp with which to build it.


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